Coffee Girls

Coffee Girls are fabulous fun-loving women meeting at local coffee houses and restaurants for fellowship, encouragement, lots of laughs, and good coffee! No credentials required to join our club, other than being a lady of course;) We are located in Calhoun/Owensboro KY and surrounding areas. We meet once a month for amazing adventures. Past encounters include Makeovers at Macy’s, Tea House Brunch, Stiletto Party, Bistro Cuisine, Lattes, Historical Tours, Guest Speakers, Awareness, and much more…


Lattes for Legacies – get involved





2 responses to “Coffee Girls

  • tara

    Stephanie..what a phenominal blog you have going on here. Im looking forward the books that you will write!

  • Lisa

    I love you! Your my sister and I loved reading all your cool stuff! I like all the same things you do! Also do hair, LOVE coffee and have the same interests and goals as you 🙂
    I am a follower of Christ and love meeting my fam in Christ!
    I would love to connect with you!
    I live near Gulf Shores, Alabama and would welcome you to my home if you want to visit the beach! I work at our local Aveda Salon, but am a Network Marketer for Rodan+Fields new business. They are the creators of Proactiv Solution.
    I can’t wait to read your book!
    I would love to send you some cool stuff that I create.
    Your sister in Christ,
    Lisa Hill
    (251) 223-2251
    Also if you would pray for my biz to take off I would love it!

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