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I like to write,  my goal is to have a book published.  For now, I enter my thoughts and writings spontaneously here on this blog site that I’ve conveniently named Shout Out Cafe. (This could be that I desire to have my own signature coffee one day.) I’m a dreamer and believe whole-hearted that many things are  revealed as we sleep. I pray for dreams, visions and the prophetic anointing under the inspiration of Jesus Christ. Check out a few of my archived entries. I love to study concerning dreams, prophecy,  spiritual warfare and intercession.  I’ve completed Bible College, receiving an Associate Degree from the World-Wide Accreditation Commission of Christian Educational Institutions, and Diploma in Practical Biblical Studies from PromiseLand School of Ministry. Currently I am continuing studies through the Biblical teachings of Bethel Ministries in Redding CA. I truly love road trips going nowhere with friends, crusin, good music and 80 degree weather with a slight breeze. I like puffy clouds, thunder storms. I think it would be cool to vacation Thunder Island and ride the storm out…oh yes, that place really does exists. (Jay Ferguson sang about it) I love to be around people who you can feel their pulse when they enter the room. Whoo hoo! Exciting and happy. I also like the smell of rain, listening to the wind blow, graphic dreams in color and taking risks. I love watching a beautiful sky knowing you’ll never see it that way again and thankful for that special someone to take the time to share that moment with you. My personality is bold, but my heart is soft. I’m liked by most, misunderstood by the rest. My friends are true and my motives are clear. I believe in dreaming BIG, socializing, being the leader, becoming innovative, always being creative, being sure to give compliments, being nice even when people are not so nice, smiling, doing the unthinkable and giving Jesus Christ the glory!

I assist in Public and Media Relations for Jeff and Melissa Phillips of  PromiseLand Ministries. Although much of my time is spent with the church, you may also see me around town involved in other projects, businesses and promotions. Been known to hang out at the farm market for some seasonal help, hit the music stores for some video promos and the coffee shops for some acoustic gigs. I’ve been in advertising sales, formerly with the local and county newspapers. I am a licensed cosmetologist, currently available at The N Salon. I’m also experienced in life/health insurance sales.  As a hobby, I find myself marketing ideas and projects through social media and promotions!  I love being creative. I love all kinds of music… I want to learn to play the guitar. I don’t like hot humid weather, flying insects, offensive smells, unmanicured nails and drama when there is no need for it. I one day hope to open up a small bistro or coffee-house where people can come, relax with friends, enjoy fresh food and listen to live music of all genres. I would serve fine roasted coffees, fresh soups & sandwiches, with an exquisite atmosphere that will draw people from miles away. For now, I’ll keep writing as inspired here on the SHOUT OUT CAFE.


2 responses to “Auto Bio

  • Holly Goodyear

    All I can say is “wowwy chicky!” There are more than one of us out there! God Bless you with His Mighty Hands of Love and Power!


    P.S. as I fight my two latte a day addiction, I would be sure to come sit at your cafe’!

  • Jonnie Cambron Phillips

    I love your outlook on life. You are one of those rare people that hit the floor in the morning and Good morning Lord!!!! I on the other hand tend to say Good Lord, it’s morning…..;-0 The world needs more people like you!!! God bless your journey and the work you do!!!! Love and blessings, Jonnie

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